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Francesco, 2015

The Razzano Family, circa 1985

If the food we serve is not fit for our table, you can rest assured it won't sit on yours...

 The history of Francesco's is a tale of two unique stories that eventually became one. 

Founded by Jimmy Greco on Beth Page, Long Island in 1958, the deli has served its guests with authentic Italian food for nearly 60 years.  In 1978, Greco moved to Fort Myers Beach and renamed the deli Greco's Mousetrap Italian Delicatessen. Over the next two decades Greco's established itself as the preeminent Italian deli on Fort Myers Beach.

Enter Francesco Razzano, Sr.  In 1998, Razzano was looking for a new opportunity.  Having recently sold his bar restaurant outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Francesco was tired of the cold winters and pondered a move south. When he learned of an Italian deli for sale in Fort Myers Beach, Razzano jumped at the chance to fulfill a life long dream. 

Born in Cervino, (Caserta) Italy, Francesco immigrated with his family to Ellwood City, PA in 1955.  While he never forgot his heritage, Razzano embraced the opportunities his adopted country afforded him.  Following service in the United States Navy during the Vietnam era, Francesco settled in Midland, PA where he owned and operated Frankie's Tavern for nearly twenty years.  Even though Frankie's wasn't an Italian restaurant, Razzano never forgot his roots.  It certainly wasn't unusual to find Francesco in the kitchen making an impromptu homemade pizza or filleting smelts for his patrons.  

Since acquiring the deli in 1998, it has been Francesco's goal to provide his guests with the finest Italian cuisine using the same recipes with which he was raised.

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